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The next generation of therapies, whether small molecule, biological, or cell/tissue based, depend on quantitative imaging assays for development. In the case of small molecules, peptides, and antibody-based treatments these assays streamline the development process by providing relevant mechanistic insights earlier in the discovery process and eliminating surprises in the clinic. In the case of cell and tissue therapies, quantitative imaging goes beyond development and is essential for quality control, including identity testing, lot release, and batch monitoring. To support these applications, Nikon has developed advanced imaging devices and software driven by artificial intelligence and machine-learning image-analysis algorithms.

Nikon BioImaging Lab is a state-of-the-art facility located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that provides these advanced technologies to support the burgeoning regenerative medicine and biotech sector. At Nikon BioImaging Lab, Nikon offers the expertise and equipment required to carry out simple to complex cell-based imaging assays. Customers can choose from a menu of ready-made assays or can work with Nikon application scientists to implement custom assays. The facility is equipped to handle the complete assay process—cell thawing, expansion, differentiation, drug and toxicology screening, image data acquisition, and image data analysis.

Sidelined by COVID-19 Restrictions?

The Nikon BioImaging Lab is open and ready to run your experiments for you. Ask us how we can take your protocol or research question and create a productive assay in as little as a few days! OR let us generate journal cover quality images so your publications can stay on track!

Key Features

Over 100 Years of Imaging Experience

Since its establishment in 1917, Nikon has been at the forefront of optical and technological innovation. Building on a century of experience in developing advanced optical solutions, Nikon established its Healthcare Business Unit in 2017 to help accelerate clinical and diagnostic imaging innovation. Nikon’s Healthcare Business Unit prioritizes production of tools for the development of next-generation therapeutics. In addition to cell manufacturing at Nikon CeLL innovation Co., Ltd., Nikon has also partnered with emerging Biotech companies including Yumanity Therapeutics, Inc. and Emulate to develop high-throughput imaging assays and high-content image-analysis algorithms. Nikon BioImaging Lab is an extension of Nikon’s commitment to providing tools and services for furthering the field of regenerative medicine and improving healthcare.

Cutting-edge Imaging Devices and Custom Analysis Tools

The Nikon BioImaging Lab offers advanced imaging instrumentation such as the good manufacturing practice (GMP)-ready BioStudio-T, the modular High-Content Ti2-E, and the BioStation CT. Imaging capabilities range from high-resolution, single-cell tracking to high-content screening assays. Clients can choose from a suite of ready-made imaging assays or work with Nikon application scientists to design and implement custom assays. Nikon’s artificial intelligence enhanced, machine-learning image-analysis algorithms enable in-line, non-destructive, label-free quantification of cells and tissues. These workflows can be automated to ensure reproducible, quality-control measurements and generation of regulatory-compliant quantitative data. Services provided by the Nikon BioImaging Lab include, but are not limited to, cell-based screening assays for Drug Development/Pharmacology, quality-control prototyping for Cell Manufacturing and even proof-of-concept studies for companies that are testing assay options.

Cell Culture Capabilities

The Nikon BioImaging Lab offers full-service cell culture services from cell thawing, expansion, differentiation, to freezing and storage. Our staff scientists can work with virtually any cell line, from primary to immortalized, to develop custom cell-based assays for screening or mechanism of action studies.

Complete Custom Assay Development and Implementation at Customer Facility

For clients looking to develop a new assay at their facility, Nikon can provide a complete solution including assay design consultation, customized hardware and software, training, and support at the customer’s facility, from conception to implementation.

Nikon’s assay development support and contract research services at a glance