Digital Microscopes

The digital microscope eliminates the need to look through eyepieces, allowing for quick image capture and the sample display on a monitor screen for observation in real-time.

Nikon’s ECLIPSE Ji digital inverted microscope features a sophisticated design without eyepieces. Utilizing Nikon’s precision optical hardware, all the advantages of high sensitivity and resolution from a research-level microscope is embedded into an AI-driven, easy-to-operate benchtop laboratory instrument.

The ECLIPSE Ui digital upright microscope is equipped with Nikon's superior optical technology to capture and observe high-definition sample images. In combination with these features and its user-friendly nature, the Nikon ECLIPSE Ui is a modern solution for clinical pathologists to collaborate more efficiently and streamline workflow.

Product Lineup



The new ECLIPSE Ji Digital Inverted Microscope provides research microscope power in a benchtop assay instrument.



The new Digital Imaging Microscope, ECLIPSE Ui provides accurate microscopy-based pathology imaging for a simpler workflow.

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