Nikon Advanced Microscopy Center

1399 Shoreway Road • Belmont, California, USA

The Nikon Advanced Microscopy Center provides on-site demonstration capabilities for Nikon's cutting-edge imaging systems, including technologies such as: large field of view confocal imaging with photomanipulation, high speed total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) imaging, NIS-Elements software with artificial intelligence (AI)-driven acquisition and analysis, and high-content screening. Well-versed in advanced imaging techniques and sample preparation, Nikon's experienced staff can address a diverse range of imaging needs. The Center is well equipped to accommodate both in-person visits and virtual sessions with San Francisco researchers and the broader Western region with easy access from SFO airport. Teams can remotely test equipment with the help of Nikon specialists while viewing sample data and analysis results in real time.

The Center will also showcase new and upcoming instruments before they are available to the public and larger scientific community. Current imaging solutions hosted in the Center include:

  • Nikon's new AX R spectral confocal system, leveraging a large 25 mm imaging field of view, high resolution galvo scanning (up to 8K x 8K), and high speed resonant scanning (up to 2K x 2K) for increased sample throughput and data quality. AI-powered software tools and tunable spectral detection ensure unparalleled ease-of-use, helping users optimize confocal imaging settings for diverse sample preparations with the click of a button. High speed photomanipulation capabilities open up endless possibilities for region-specific FRAP, photoconversion, photoactivation, uncaging, and stimulation experiments.
  • The CrestOptics X-Light V3 spinning disk confocal system, offering a large 25 mm imaging field of view and dual camera support for fast and gentle multiplexed imaging of both live and fixed samples. Users benefit from fitting larger samples in a single imaging field at higher magnification, increased data per frame, and reduced imaging time for sensitive samples.
  • The Gataca Systems iLas2 ring TIRF, offering high speed multichannel azimuthal/ring TIRF imaging with unmatched uniformity. Built on the industry-leading Ti2-E inverted research microscope platform with Nikon's Perfect Focus System (PFS) 4 for ultimate focus stability, iLas2 offers flexible point/arc/ring TIRF illumination, simultaneous TIRF and photomanipulation, and the highest TIRF data quality.

Additional imaging platforms and modalities are available on request, including but not limited to: spinning disk confocal (CSU-X1/W1/W1 SoRa), SIM, STED, STORM super resolution, fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM), light-sheet imaging, and more.