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Nikon Imaging Center

University of Heidelberg

The Nikon Imaging Center (NIC@Uni-Heidelberg) is a core facility for light microscopy at the University of Heidelberg, developed in partnership with Nikon, Andor, PerkinElmer LAS, Laboratory Imaging (LIM), AHF Analysentechnik, Scientific Volume Imaging and Prior Scientific. The NIC provides all researchers of the Bio Sciences at the University with access and training to state-of-the-art light microscopy.


  • 1R confocal microscope of pointscanning type. With additional resonant scanner and 32-channel spectral detector. 
  • C2 confocal microscope of pointscanning type.
  • N-SIM confocal + widefield microscope, super resolution microscope of the structured illumination type.
  • TriM-Scope two photon confocal microscope with photomultiplier and CCD signal detection, extended IR rage, FLIM-detection.
  • ERS-VoX confocal microscope of the spinning disk type. Allows acquisition of two channels simultaneously
  • ERS-6 confocal microscope of the spinning disk type. With FRAP unit.
  • TIRF Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence microscope with widefield and epifluorescence capabilities.
  • NiE upright widefield research microscope with epifluorescence and DIC.
  • BioStation widefield high content screening with phase contrast and epifluorescence.
  • Ti-TuCam simultaneous 2 channel widefield imaging, epifluorescence and FLIM-detection.
  • Ti-HCS advanced widefield high content screening with brightfield and epifluorescence illumination.
  • AZ100 widefield zoom microscope 1 - 40x magnification, with epifluorescence illumination and DIC.
  • SMZ1000 stereo microscope with epifluorescence illumination.


NIC Director

Ulrike Engel, Ph.D.

NIC Manager

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Nikon Imaging Center
Bioquant BQ 0004
Room U05
Im Neuenheimer Feld 267
D-69120 Heidelberg