Educational resources for microscope-based imaging

Nikon is committed to connecting you with the information you need to further your understanding of microscope-based imaging. Here is where you will find helpful educational materials such as posters and e-learning courses, additional product information, helpful links to other sites, and more. Browse the various sections or use the search tool to return relevant information based on application, technique or product.


We're proud to host a range of free educational and informational material concerning both Nikon microscope products and optical microscopy more generally. Application notes, webinars, ebooks, and more are available.

More About Nikon Systems

Find free downloads and additional information concerning Nikon microscope products, including brochures, safety data sheets, and more.

Customer Interviews and Research

See how actual Nikon customers are using their microscope products in the field. Don't miss the curated collection of free peer-reviewed video articles detailing different microscopy research methods.

Special Interest

Can't get enough microscopy? Then check out some of our special interest content, including information about the Nikon Small World competitions - the world's leading microscope-based image and video contests.

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