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CFI BE2 Plan Achromat Series

High definition, large FOV objective lens for ECLIPSE Ei

Microscope objectives designed for the ECLIPSE Ei, providing superior image flatness across the entire field of view, with chromatic aberration correction throughout the entire visible spectrum.

Download ECLIPSE Ei Brochure (4.35MB)


Cover glass thicknessCorrection ringObservation
CFI BE2 Plan Achromat 4XDiagramGraph0.10250-0.17BF
CFI BE2 Plan Achromat 10XDiagramGraph0.256.70-0.17BF
CFI BE2 Plan Achromat 20XDiagramGraph0.403.70.17BF
CFI BE2 Plan Achromat 40XDiagramGraph0.650.60.17BF
CFI BE2 Plan Achromat 60XDiagramGraph0.800.250.17BF
CFI BE2 Plan Achromat 100X OilDiagramGraph1.250.140.17BF

BF: Brightfield
DF: Darkfield
PH: Phase contrast
POL: Simple polarizing
FL: Fluorescence

*This objective lens is dedicated for Eclipse Ei