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CFI Plan Achromat Series for Phase Contrast

Microscope objectives with crisp and clear images across the entire field of view.

CFI Plan Achromat Series objectives for phase contrast microscopy. Nikon's CFI Plan Achromat series provides incredible image flatness over the entire 25mm field of view, with chromatic aberration correction throughout the entire visible spectrum. With incredible image sharpness (even for unstained images), these objectives can be used for laboratory work as well as exacting research. 

Download Objectives Brochure (8.78MB)


Cover glass thicknessCorrection ringObservation
CFI Plan Achromat DL 10XDiagramGraph0.2510.50BF, DF (Dry), PH, POL*, FL (visible light*)
CFI Plan Achromat DL 20XDiagramGraph0.401.200.17BF, DF (Dry/Oil), PH, POL*, FL (visible light*)
CFI Plan Achromat DL 40XDiagramGraph0.650.560.17BF, DF (Dry/Oil), PH, POL*, FL (visible light*)
CFI Plan Achromat DL 100X OilDiagramGraph1.250.200.17BF, PH, POL*, FL (visible light*)

BF: Brightfield
DF: Darkfield
PH: Phase contrast
POL: Simple polarizing
FL: Fluorescence

*Possible but not recommended

**External phase contrast observation is possible with Eclipse Ti2-E