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CFI Apochromat Lambda S Objective Series

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Microscope objectives optimized for live cell and confocal imaging.

Lambda S Objectives employ Nikon’s unique Nano Crystal Coat technology, an antireflective coating that virtually eliminates internal lens element reflections across a wide range of wavelengths. It is particularly effective in reducing stray light reflections and flare in high angle (large NA) lenses, enabling very high transmission rates over a broad range of wavelengths extending from the ultraviolet to the infrared. Nikon’s exclusive Nano Crystal Coat employs multiple layers of extra-low refractive index coating, which features ultra-fine crystallized particles of nanometer size. This technology was developed for Nikon’s world-famous photolithography semiconductor manufacturing products and is now available for advancing the performance of microscope objectives.

Download Objectives Concept Brochure (9.28MB)


Cover glass thicknessCorrection ringObservation
CFI Apochromat LWD Lambda S 20XC WIDiagramGraph0.950.95 (0.99-0.90)0.11-0.23BF, DF (Oil), DIC, POL, FL (Visible light, NIR)
CFI Apochromat Lambda S 40XC WIDiagramGraph1.250.18 (0.20-0.16)0.15-0.19BF, DIC, PH**, POL, FL (Visible light, UV)
CFI Apochromat LWD Lambda S 40XC WIDiagramGraph1.150.60 (0.61-0.59)0.15-0.19BF, DF (Oil), DIC, PH**, POL, FL (Visible light, UV)
CFI Apochromat Lambda S 60X OilDiagramGraph1.400.140.17BF, DIC, PH**, POL, FL (Visible light, UV)
CFI Plan Apochromat IR 60XC WIDiagramGraph1.270.17 (0.18-0.16)0.15-0.19BF, DIC, PH**, POL, FL (visible light, UV, NIR)

BF: Brightfield
DF: Darkfield
PH: Phase contrast
POL: Simple polarizing
FL: Fluorescence

*Possible but not recommended

**External phase contrast observation is possible with Eclipse Ti2-E