Service After the Sale

Sales and Product Team Support

At Nikon Instruments Inc., the commitment to outstanding service begins even before the sale. The sales organization is uniquely designed with highly trained teams of individuals with extensive training not only on the equipment, but in science and imaging techniques as well. This innovative approach to selling brings a knowledge base that is equipped to work with prospective customers to create a long term solution tailored to their individual scientific needs.

This team follows through the process of purchasing, installation, training, and operation of the Nikon System purchased. Once the sale has been made, these same team members help with after the sale support. They are well equipped to handle a wide variety of questions and help fix and avert potential operation problems. These are typically a customers first line of contact with any kind of problem, as many of them are fixed before the service department is even called in.

Warranty Registration and Repair

Downtime on a piece of scientific equipment can not only be frustrating to you the entire lab staff, it can also be expensive.

Nikon has first class warranty on all new equipment purchased, and various components carry different warranties. Outlined below are the warranties for the various classifications of Nikon equipment.

Confocal1 Year1 Year
Core Microscopes1 Year5 Years5 Years
Cameras1 Year
Objectives5 Years
3rd Party ProductsAs per manufacturers warranty

Software support

Nikon is one of a few manufacturer of Microscope equipment who also produces software to operate and manage the imaging equipment. Because many issues with microscope imaging systems can be attributed to software applications, its great comfort to know that the company that manufactured the hardware, ALSO manufactures the software used to operate them. If service is needed, Nikon customers only contact Nikon and if the issue is software related (or the solution is software related) Nikon boasts full service software support for the exclusive NIS-Elements software system.