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초해상력 현미경 (English)

Multi-Photon 현미경 (English)

공초점 현미경 (English)

도립 현미경 (English)

정립 현미경 (English)

세포배양 이미징장치 (English)

편광 현미경 (English)

실체현미경 및 다목적 줌 현미경 (English)


소프트웨어 (English)

Photostimulation 및 TIRF (English)

광원장치 (English)

카메라 (English)

대물렌즈 (English)

악세서리 (English)

OEM (English)

Nikon provides a large range of microscopy components to satisfy diverse optical requirements. These components can be incorporated into Nikon’s or other imaging systems to fulfill unique experimental requirements. See our brochure and the links below for our product offerings.

We have a dedicated team at Nikon to service large volume and OEM requests. If your imaging needs require customized optics, our team of optical design engineers can satisfy your specifications through every step of our vertically integrated manufacturing facilities, from the design phase through production.  We also provide flexible shipment scheduling for time-sensitive deadlines, and competitive volume discounts for both stock and custom products.

Contact us to get started by clicking on the Request Information button above.

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