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CFI Achromat Series for Apodized Phase Contrast

CFI Apodized Achromat Series objective lenses for phase contrast microscopy.

Nikon specifically developed this microscope objective series for phase contrast observation by using its proprietary Apodization process to improve the objective's phase ring. Division activities taking place within a specimen - often obscured by unwanted halos - can now be observed more clearly.

다운로드 Objectives Brochure (8.75MB)


Cover glass thicknessCorrection ringObservation
CFI Achromat ADL 10XFDiagramGraph0.256.201.20BF, PH, POL*, FL (visible light*)
CFI Achromat LWD ADL 20XFDiagramGraph0.403.101.20BF, PH, POL*, FL (visible light*)
CFI Achromat LWD ADL 40XFDiagramGraph0.552.101.20BF, PH, POL*, FL (visible light*)
CFI Achromat LWD ADL 40XCDiagramGraph0.552.70-1.700-2.00BF, DF (Dry/Oil), PH, POL*, FL (visible light*)

BF: Brightfield
DF: Darkfield
PH: Phase contrast
POL: Simple polarizing
FL: Fluorescence

*Possible but not recommended

**External phase contrast observation is possible with Eclipse Ti2-E