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  • The LV100ND POL/DS employs optics with high extinction factors, facilitating detection and observation of high-precision optical properties.
  • The LV100ND POL/DS enables analysis of birefringence, extinction angles, signs of elongation, refractive indices, birefringence magnitudes and pleochroism of asbestos.
  • Changing the objectives and PH modules allows observation of asbestos dispersion colors corresponding to the refractive indices of the immersion liquid. The LV100ND POL/DS enables both quantitative analysis and dispersion staining observation of asbestos.
  • A fully rotatable circular graduated stage offers trouble-free sample rotation and accurate analysis during polarization observation.


Mixture of rock wool and chrysotile

Extinction angle


Sign of elongation

Refractive index (refraction index of the liquid nD=1.605)

Chrysotile and amosite

Retardation (optical path difference) for obtaining birefringence magnitude




Dispersion colors