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Stable LED light source for reliable fluorescence time-lapse imaging

This new illuminator employs LEDs as its light source for epi-fluorescence observation, achieving a level of usability, stability and quantitative capability never achieved before by conventional mercury illuminations. In addition, the flexibility of combining multiple LED devices, as well as the ability to independently control the intensity of each LED, enables simultaneous excitation of multiple wavelengths.

  • A stable brightness of illumination ensures quantitative and reliable fluorescence intensity measurement.
  • The light intensity can be controlled for each excitation wavelength. This is suitable for imaging of multi-color fluorescence samples.
  • With a long life of over 10,000 hours, the maintenance-free LED illuminator requires zero warm-up time and allows for frequent switching on and off.
  • The light is directed to the microscope fluorescent attachment via a dedicated optical fiber, eliminating the need to center the light source.

For ECLIPSE Ni-E / Ni-U / FN1 / Ti2