Confocal Microscopes

From the advanced A1R HD25 to the modular and flexible C2+ unit, Nikon offers confocal systems for every research need.

A1 HD25 / A1R HD25

All-new confocal microscope featuring the world’s largest 25mm field of view for high-throughput, high-resolution imaging.

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The essential point-scanning confocal system with high-efficiency scan heads and detectors.

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Nikon's large field of view macro confocal imaging system.

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CSU Series

Field scanners are renowned for their low dosage, specimen friendly characteristics, making them ideal for live cell or organism applications.

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Crest X-Light V2

Laser-free confocal spinning disk system from Crest Optics that delivers high speed imaging and expanded field of view (up to 25 mm) within a budget-friendly solution.

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