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Nikon Instruments Learning Center Overview (2:20)

The Nikon Instruments Learning Center provides interactive tutorials on a variety of topics ranging from basic to advanced. Novice users can follow step-by-step videos on how to perform DIC alignment on their Nikon microscope, carry out basic measurements in NIS-Elements, and learn how to choose the best objective for their experiment. Experienced users will learn how to leverage advanced features of their Nikon system and learn tips and tricks for brushing up on their NIS-Elements skills. Current Nikon Instruments customers can enjoy exclusive access to this resource at no additional cost. To request access, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Sample Lessons

DIC Alignment

In this eLearning course, we discuss how to install and set up a Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) system on a Nikon microscope.

Try the “DIC Alignment” lesson

Deep Live-cell Imaging

This course will explain the importance of matching refractive index of your sample to your objective and present the best objective choices for deep, live-cell experiments.

Try the “Deep Live-cell Imaging” lesson

Annotations and Measurement

In this eLearning course, we discuss the Annotations and Measurements menu in NIS-Elements, which provides basic tools for annotating and measuring images.

Try the “Annotations and Measurement” lesson