At Nikon, we understand that providing exceptional products is more than just manufacturing and selling, it’s a lifetime commitment to our customers.

Nikon’s extensive network of microscope service and repair centers ensure that our customers are happy with their product from it's very first use to it's last. We also understand that to maintain the high levels of satisfaction you have come to expect, we must provide the best service network in the industry to help keep your equipment running optimally.

Contact your Service Center

As part of our commitment to customer service, Nikon has an extensive network of direct and local independent service centers to ensure that if you are in need of help and support, we will respond quickly and reliably.

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Warranty Repair

Our standard warranties offered are shown here and options to extend warranty periods can be discussed with your local service center. If you have just purchased a Nikon microscope product and are seeking warranty repair, please contact us.

Service Contracts

Despite exceptionally high quality standards of manufacture, Nikon understand that heavy use and the impact of it's environment over a long period of time could have an effect on the performance of your product and ultimately introduce downtime.

Regular maintenance is the most effective way of ensuring that your product is kept at the highest standard. We know the enemies of performance include dust, grease, fluctuating temperatures, broken glass, software bugs and oil. To combat these we have developed a set of preventative maintenance contracts to keep your product running at peak performance.

At Nikon we recognise the importance of preventative maintenance to your results, your investment and to your state of mind.

For more information, please contact your local supplier.