Digital Microscopes

The digital microscope eliminates the need to look through eyepieces, allowing for quick image capture and the sample display on a monitor screen for observation in real-time.

ECLIPSE Ji features a sophisticated design with no eyepiece. It acquires a wealth of image and analysis data, from cells to whole plates, for bioassays. It is also highly upgradeable and a confocal microscope or stage-top incubator can be connected to meet a variety of research needs.

The ECLIPSE Ui digital upright microscope is equipped with Nikon's superior optical technology to capture and observe high-definition sample images. In combination with these features and its user-friendly nature, the Nikon ECLIPSE Ui is a modern solution for clinical pathologists to collaborate more efficiently and streamline workflow.

Product Lineup



This is a benchtop inverted microscope that assists data acquisition with an efficient imaging workflow, because AI assists in all tasks from observation to analysis.



The new Digital Imaging Microscope, ECLIPSE Ui provides accurate microscopy-based pathology imaging for a simpler workflow.

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