Company Profile

Since its establishment in 1917, Nikon has been focusing on developing optical technologies to harness the power of light.

With over 100 years expertise in the field, Nikon has always been at the forefront of optical and technological innovation, promoting creativity and trustworthiness as part of the company's global mission statement. The Nikon story began back in 1917 when three Japanese optical manufacturers merged to form a company known as Nippon Kogaku KK ('Japan Optics'), producing precision optical glass. In 1925 the brand expanded to produce the first microscope with a revolving nosepiece and interchangeable objectives - the Joico microscope.

Today Nikon is a world-renowned brand, firmly established as a market leader in optical instrumentation and the only microscope company to manufacture its own glass, ensuring the very finest quality assurance throughout production. Nikon’s broad portfolio of microscope systems includes products for the educational, clinical, materials science, and research market as well as the biotech/pharma industry.

Shedding New Light on Healthcare

The Nikon Microscope Solutions unit belongs to the Nikon Corporation Healthcare Business Unit whose mission is to advance healthcare and provide a better quality of life, through a century of expertise in optical technology. The Healthcare Business Division encompasses microscope systems, ophthalmic, and regenerative medicine solutions.

Ophthalmic solutions include Optos Plc retinal imaging devices and strategic alliances with entities such as Verily Life Science LLC with whom Nikon is developing machine learning-enabled solutions for retinal diagnosis. Following a collaboration agreement with Lonza, Nikon has begun contract cell-manufacturing and development for regenerative medicine with a wholly-owned subsidiary, Nikon CeLL innovation Co., Ltd. To help accelerate development of cell-based therapies, Nikon has also partnered with Yumanity Therapeutics, Inc. to develop high throughput and high content image analysis assays. In addition, Nikon has developed a line of microscope products and customized workflow and software solutions for cell manufacturing.

As a keystone of Nikon’s Healthcare Business Division, the Microscope Solutions unit continues to grow and expand. Nikon is focused on developing cutting edge imaging technologies for the academic research lab and the biotech and pharma industry, as well as providing the clinical and educational communities with leading imaging solutions.

As we embark on the next 100 years, Nikon is committed to accelerating clinical and diagnostic imaging innovation to improve healthcare and provide a better quality of life.