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Operating Environment

CPU3 GHz or higher total processor minimum recommended

32bit Operating System: 4GB or higher

64bit Operating System: 16GB minimum recommended for basic imaging (more depending on type of data being processed)

Operating System

Windows 10 64-bit Professional (Ar, Br, D, C, HC & F)

*Note: NIS-Elements cannot be installed on Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 Operating Systems.
32-bit Operating systems are not supported for the paid versions.
Enterprise is not supported or recommended.

Hard Disk

256 GB minimum for OS and basic imaging

1 TB or more recommended for saving of data


1280x1024, True Color mode

For optimal volume viewing, video card must be able to support Microsoft's Direct X (Direct 3D, Direct Draw and Texturing) version 11 or higher.

Recommended Cards for GPU processing: Radeon 390x series or nVidia 980 series cards (minimum)


Administrator Authorized Users for installing

Administrator Authorized for operating recommended but not required