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Nikon’s Flagship NIS-Elements Package

Optimized for advanced research applications, Nikon’s flagship software package features fully automated image acquisition, advanced device control and powerful analysis and visualization tools.

Key Features


  • From Single to Multi-Dimensional imaging
    • Intuitive display of multi-dimensional datasets with multiple viewing options (e.g. slice, volume, time, spectral, binary, etc.), easy data management, and export-ready
  • Go Beyond Image Capture
    • Photo-Stimulation
    • Perfusion
    • Realtime measurements (e.g. Ca2+, FRET) during image acquisition
  • Image without Constraints or Limitations with JOBS
    • Custom-build your acquisition workflow with graphical programming
  • Intelligent Acquisition with JOBS and General Analysis (GA)
    • Let the results dictate the acquisition parameters with conditional workflows
    • Only acquire meaningful data
    • Reduce time spent on data mining
  • Maximized Device Performance
    • NIS-Elements is designed to optimize the speed at which all components can perform
    • Maximize device usage through hardware triggering
    • Enables fastest possible image capture times for imaging and tracking fast biological events
    • Eliminates unnecessary light exposure, extending the health of the sample for long-term time lapses
  • Largest 3rd party integrator in the industry
    • Easily integrate and control non-Nikon devices for fully customized experiments
    • Quickly adapt to changing research needs by utilizing 3rd party devices


  • From simple manual measurements to automatic data collection of hundreds of parameters
  • Full suite of binary and image processing tools in General Analysis (GA)
  • Multi-channel binary software assay toolbox
  • 2D and 3D Tracking and Measurement
  • Realtime analysis of live cell dynamics during acquisition
    • Intensity Based Measurements
    • Morphological Based Measurements
    • Object Tracking

Process and Visualize

  • Easily view tiled/stitched large images
  • Unique Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) view for creating beautiful, high-contrast, in-focus 2D projection images from 3D data
  • Advanced 3D and 2D deconvolution algorithms for extending resolution
  • Unique visualization options such as XYT view (3D kymograph)


  • Mulitple Image formats
  • Advanced movie creator with annotations
  • Easily combine images and analysis results to create beautiful figures
  • Data export to Excel, Matlab or any third party or customer software

See for yourself…test our deconvolution for free!

NIS-Elements offers advanced 3D and 2D deconvolution modules for improving image quality. Upload your image to our NIS-Elements deconvolution test site to see the difference.

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