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NIS-Elements is the total imaging solution for your research

The Nikon NIS-Elements platform is an investment that addresses ever-changing protocols, new technology and system components. With NIS-Elements’ upgradability and ease in training and navigation, you create a resource that can be passed on through generations of your laboratory and research transitions.

Get the most out of your experiment

At the heart of Nikon’s drawing board and product mission, NIS-Elements software is built for performance. Nikon envisions all of our customers to be able to image and utilize each system component at its maximum performance. Run the fastest timelapse possible to meet the imaging needs of science or be able to shutter, make stage movements, capture Z, and stay in focus while not disrupting the life events that you want to explore and study.

One software platform for all imaging systems

Nikon also believes that having a single software platform for all imaging modalities is vital. NIS-Elements provides the same interface, control, workflow, and terminology whether it’s used for widefield, confocal, or super resolution imaging. With one platform to learn, users can easily switch between microscope systems when their applications require different imaging modalities. Imaging results from different Nikon systems can also be easily combined and analyzed to expand your research direction.

Evolves with your research

The software is on the move, always transforming with the demands of research. With NIS-Elements, you can continue to grow your system over time (e.g. upgrade the detector, add additional detectors, change light sources, add a confocal, add high-throughput functionality, etc.).

Completely customize to your research

From individual hardware selection and optimization to fine-tuning acquisitions routines and custom multi-channel binary analysis - you are in complete control of tailoring and creating a system built and inspired by your imagination.

Share your data

NIS-Elements is designed to get your data “out”. There are many options for file and data export to move files, metadata, and analysis results to other formats, other software platforms and even data sharing between programs to leverage other components of your research routines.

Join the NIS-Elements community

Nikon is proud to implement new and complex capabilities while continuing to empower core functionalities in ways that are unique and sensible. Experience NIS-Elements and feel the reason that many choose NIS-Elements as the backbone for facilitating their science.

Remote control and monitoring

NIS-Elements can be started and controlled from a remote PC over a network connection using Windows’ Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Remotely operating a microscope and analyzing acquired images is possible from a PC at a location other than that of the experimental equipment. Because it allows a user to monitor experimental processes from a PC at home or elsewhere, if any trouble occurs during an experiment, the cause can be investigated without going to the laboratory, and imaging over long time periods can be performed efficiently.

Installation of NIS-Elements on the remote PC is not required, eliminating the need for excessive license protection and reducing time and cost.

*Windows is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Each device requires that given conditions be fulfilled for a remote desktop connection. Please contact us for details.

Download NIS-Elements Brochure (5.02MB)

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