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High Content Analysis option

Total acquisition-to-analysis solution for high-content imaging applications. Seamless workflow from microscope and peripheral device control to data analysis and management.

Key Features

Speed and Flexibility

Streamlines high-speed, automated well-plate acquisition, data review, analysis and management of multiple well plate experiments.

NIS-Elements HC interface simplifies experiment setup using wizards. Easily define acquisition parameters including well-plate configuration, plate handling, autofocusing, filter switching and detectors.

Define general job parameters

• Z-stack
• Sample labelling
• Autofocus
• Sending task completion by e-mail or SNS

Define optical configurations for image capture

Well plate setting

• Define well plate to use
• Select well plate for image capture
• Define XY image capture pattern inside a well
• Sample labelling

Define analysis


Realtime viewing of data acquisition and analysis progress for instant inspection. Multiple analysis assays can be run simultaneously during the imaging phase or run post-acquisition on offline stations.


Heat Maps of well plates, sample images, binary masks, assay results, sample labels and other metadata are centralized for quick filtering, gating and drill down to cellular detail.

Plate view

Heat map

Sample labeling


Create graphs instantly for data review. Classify, filter, tile, label data points from several different graph types. NIS-Elements offers histogram, scatterplot, bar chart, XY line, classification and gating functions. Easily navigate within the Plate View and export to Excel or bitmap.

See for yourself…test our deconvolution for free!

NIS-Elements offers advanced 3D and 2D deconvolution modules for improving image quality. Upload your image to our NIS-Elements deconvolution test site to see the difference.

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