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Nikon’s Photodocumentation NIS-Elements Package

Software package for photo-documentation. Includes basic measuring and reporting tools.

* NIS-Elements D is not for clinical diagnostic use.

Key Features

Easy capture, processing, and storage

  • Easy camera controls and presets
  • Flexible imaging: Automated XY, Z control, or Timelapse
  • Manual and Automated Measurement
    • Counting and morphology
  • Annotate your datasets
  • Unique Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) view for creating beautiful, high-contrast, in-focus 2D projection images from 3D data (option)
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) image acquisition combines images acquired with different exposure times to capture the full dynamic range of the specimen in one image (option)
  • Supports custom workflow using macros
  • Single document interface. Does not support fluorescence imaging nor wavelength switching