X-Light V2 X-Light V3 X-Light V3 with DeepSIM X-Light DeepSIM Standalone
Maximum Speed 15,000 RPM for up to 6000 fps 15,000 RPM for V3, up to 13 fps for DeepSIM up to 13 fps
External Synchronization Disk synchronization available
Disk Unit Standard 50um for laser input or 60 µm for LED input. Dual pattern and customized pinholes/patterns
Standard 50 µm with different pinhole spacing. Customized pinholes/patterns available Standard, High-Throughput, Deep Imaging Masks
Brightfield Motorized bypass mode as default feature
Field of View (Confocal) 25 mm diagonal - 17.7 x 17.7 mm
Field of View (SIM) n/a 66 x 66 µm at 100X, 333 x 333 µm at 20X
Illumination LED illumination via Liquid Light Guide (LLG) or Laser coupling via multi-mode optical fiber Exclusive micro-lens based laser input for homogeneous illumination on large FOV. Multi-mode optical fiber input
Spectral Range Excitation range: 400 - 750 nm
Emission range: 400 - 850 nm
Dichroic Mirror 5 positions motorized 3 positions motorized single position manual
Emission Filter Wheel 8 positions motorized
External Control USB serial control
Microscope Mount Direct coupler
Camera Adapter C-mount or F-mount C-mount
Dual Camera Option n/a Integrated as default feature with motorized 3 positions filter slider n/a n/a
Operating Environment Temperature 15‐35°C, 20‐75% RH Temperature 23 ± 5°C, Humidity 70% RH or less
Power Input: 100-240VAC, 2.5A, 47-63Hz Input: 100-240VAC, ~3.0A, 50-60Hz
Microscope Compatibility ECLIPSE Ti2 Series, ECLIPSE Ti Series