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High‐speed, large field of view spinning disk confocal imaging

In addition to 3D acquisition of cells and tissues, the fast-imaging speed also allows for capturing dynamic events such as cell motility, signaling, and transport. Flexible illumination sources (laser or LED) make the X-Light V2 a flexible and budget-friendly solution for both routine and demanding imaging applications. The X-Light V2 L-FOV's exclusive 25 mm field of view allows large samples to be captured with minimal scanning and stitching, and often in one image captured.

Key Features

Improved image quality and resolution

In both emission and transmission paths, the X-Light V2 series includes iris diaphragms to reduce background by 3-4x while maintaining signal brightness. NIS-Elements, Nikon's unified software platform, provides an intuitive workflow for confocal imaging. Higher resolution images can be generated with a single click. The software assesses the captured image and automatically determines processing parameters to achieve increased resolution.

Cell Division

Large field of view

By reducing the need for stitching to visualize your sample and the number of images required to gather statistically significant data, the X-Light V2 L-FOV model increases your system throughput.

Neurons with 18 mm FOV

Neurons with 25 mm FOV

Confocal and widefield imaging on the same instrument

The intelligent design of the X-Light V2 series, together with the user-friendliness of NIS-Elements software, allows for switching between widefield and confocal imaging in just one click. The detector and other peripheral components, such as light source and filters, are shared between both modalities making this solution both affordable and flexible.