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Yokogawa CSU Series

Yokogawa Spinning Disk Field Scanning Confocal Systems

Specimen‐friendly and high‐speed field scanning confocal imaging.

The CSU series of field scanning confocal spinning disks systems from Yokogawa Life Sciences, integrated with Nikon’s superb microscope platforms and optics, allow users flexible and powerful systems for a wide range of imaging applications. Field scanners are renowned for their low dosage, specimen-friendly characteristics, making them ideal for live cell or organism applications.

Faster, brighter, and more versatile, the CSU-X1 is the advanced model of the CSU-series.

  • Fast Imaging
  • Efficient Light path
  • Core Component of a Multimode Imaging System

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Features a wider field of view and higher image quality than previous models.

  • Enhanced Signal‐to‐Noise Ratio
  • Ultra‐wide Field of View
  • Flexible Configurations

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Adapt the CSU-W1 for super resolution imaging.

  • 2x Resolution Improvement vs. Widefield
  • Enhanced Resolution and Confocal Sectioning Simultaneously
  • Normal Confocal Mode and SoRa Mode

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