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Crest X-Light Series

Spinning disk confocal solutions for challenging research applications

The X-light confocal series, fully integrated with Nikon’s superb microscope platforms and optics, is designed to cover any imaging need: from a budget-friendly upgrade of a widefield microscope into a confocal system, to a cutting-edge confocal system for the most challenging applications.

The strength of CrestOptics solutions relies on the high quality of the optical design and on the flexibility of each component, allowing to generate tailor-made solutions to match even the most demanding challenges.

X-light confocal series: See Brighter, See Faster, See More

X-Light V2: compact and cost effective spinning disk solution.

  • LED or laser input
  • Largest FOV (25mm)
  • Flexible configuration

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X-light V3: the most flexible large FOV spinning disk confocal

  • Uniform illumination
  • Largest FOV (25mm)
  • Integrated dual camera capability
  • Flexible configuration

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