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Digital Sight 50M

Monochrome Microscope Camera

Quickly and efficiently search wide fields of view and capture and analyze high-definition images

The monochrome digital camera Digital Sight 50M for microscopes is optimized to increase workflow efficiency. In addition to its large number of pixels, large field of view, and speed, it comes with dedicated software that makes it effective for screening large volumes of samples. It is perfect for not only academic research but also drug discovery.

Download Digital Camera Brochure (9.45MB)

Key Features

Dramatically improves the workflow for capturing images of and analyzing large volumes of samples

Wide field of view and high resolution for single-shot images of individual wells

With an actual field of view of 7 mm when using a 2X objective lens, it is possible to capture single-shot images of wide areas. You can also quickly check both the overall image of large volumes of samples, such as in well plates, and regions of interest of a sample, which increases reproducibility of experiments.

The ultra-high 9K resolution increases the reliability of quantitative analysis

The improved Digital Sight 50M boasts 3.8 times the number of pixels and 2.5 times the resolution of previous models. Even when using a low-magnification, high-NA objective lens, it fully demonstrates optical capabilities. It is also possible to obtain highly reliable data of small regions when analyzing images.

Digital Sight 50M


Includes software suited to large-volume screening

The Digital Sight 50M can be integrated with NIS-Elements HC software to support pre- and post-capture analysis. It is possible to set up a flow from well selection, automatic detection of image ROI, and displaying of analysis results.

  • Plate view
  • Heat map
  • Sample label
  • Binarized image
  • Graphs (histogram, scatter plot, bar graph, etc.)

For example, automatically detect regions with uniform cell density or distribution and then capture image at high-magnification

Automatically detect regions that meet certain experimental conditions and capture image at high-magnification

High sensitivity

Detects even faint fluorescent signals

The Digital Sight 50M combines high spatial resolution with a 3.76 μm pixel size and achieves high quantum efficiency, peaking at 85%, which allows for even dim samples to be detected.

Low noise

Acquires dim fluorescent signals with ultra-low noise

Both the 6e-read noise coupled with a large full-well capacity and 1.0e-/p/s dark current allow the acquisition of 14-bit fluorescence images with very little noise.

3 types of camera adapters

2.5X, 1.8X, and 1X adapters are available for different uses

The Digital Sight 50M offers the large CIS (Nikon FX format) that makes wide field-of-view (FOV25) observations possible. There are three adapters for different uses: 2.5X and 1.8X adapters for high-resolution single shots of 60 megapixel; and a 1X adapter for samples that require high sensitivity and low noise, such as image tiling.

Time-lapse imaging

Photo courtesy of : Dr. Masatsugu Toyota, Graduate School of Science & Engineering, Saitama University

Fluorescence time-lapse imaging through the integration with NIS-Elements software

Large field of view, high pixel density, and low noise make the Digital Sight 50M ideal for time-resolved imaging applications.

Numerous image acquisition modes

Flexible balance of quality and speed

There are three binning operation modes, making it possible to select the required speed and image quality. Maximum frame rate of 225.9 fps for high-speed imaging.

Fast live display

Fast focusing, even with fluorescence images

A high-sensitivity CMOS sensor and high-speed data transfer using USB 3.2 Gen 1 are combined to achieve 6 fps at the maximum number of pixels (60 megapixels) or a maximum speed of 27 fps (6.7 megapixels). This makes it possible to quickly focus on samples.

ROI mode

Mouse cardiomyocytes (Fluo-8)

Capture regions of interest with much higher speeds of acquisition

Designate a region of interest within the camera field of view and then capture images of that desired region at high speed.

Integration with the comprehensive imaging software series

Nikon uses the NIS-Elements series as control software. NIS-Elements allows functions from basic imaging to control of the microscope and peripheral devices to be performed, as well as the measurement, analysis, and management of acquired images. Four basic packages and a variety of optional modules are available to suit every application and objective.

Documentation package

The documentation package is equipped with measurement and report creation functions. It enables general microscopic image acquisition in fields from biomedical and clinical to industrial, and is expandable through optional added features such as EDF and database functionality.

Research packages

The basic and advanced research packages enable the construction of advanced image acquisition routines, including multidimensional imaging (up to 4 dimensions for Br, 6 dimensions for Ar), through integration with motorized microscope hardware. A complete range of image processing and analysis functions are available for every application.

HC package

The HC package features a total acquisition-to-analysis solution for high-content imaging applications and seamless workflow from microscope and peripheral device control to data analysis and management. It assists to streamline high-speed, automated well-plate acquisition, data review, analysis and management of multiple well plate experiments.