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Yokogawa CSU Series

Yokogawa Spinning Disk Field Scanning Confocal Systems

Yokogawa Spinning Disk Field Scanning Confocal System

Faster, brighter, and more versatile, the CSU-X1 is the advanced model of the CSU-series.

  • Fast Imaging
  • Efficient Light path
  • Core Component of a Multimode Imaging System

Key Features

Fast imaging

10,000 RPM disk speed allows for imaging up to 2000 Hz.

Stop-action timelapse of CSU-X1 Nipkow pattern pinhole array illuminating all points of a sample plane.

Efficient light path

The highly efficient beam shaper lens and improved dichroic mirrors allow the use of lower power lasers and shorter exposure times.

Widefield (left) and CSU-X1 (right) maximum intensity projections using a 40x 1.15 NA WI objective lens in live zebrafish. Out of focus light is significantly reduced, revealing detailed structures in the Z stack.

Widefield (left) and CSU-X1 (right) XY and XZ maximum intensity projections using 40x 1.15NA WI objective lens in live zebrafish. Scatter is significantly reduced, especially around very bright objects in the Z stack.

Core component of a multimode imaging system

The CSU-X1 or CSU-W1 can be coupled with Nikon’s LUN-V laser unit, and inverted Ti2-LAPP system, allowing users to perform multimode experiments such as confocal and TIRF, photostimulation, photoactivation, or widefield imaging in the same experiment.

The same microscope stand and laser unit can also be utilized for super-resolution imaging with the N-STORM or N-SIM modalities, allowing users highly flexible, multi-mode imaging platforms.