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Intermediate Modules

A variety of fluorescence turrets and modules both manual and motorized as well as magnification modules, dual camera port modules and drawing tubes.

Fluorescence Cube Turret and Fluorescence Module

Model Dimensions Weight (g)*
Ni-FLT6-E Motorized Epi-fluorescence Cube Turret Diagram 2,500
Ni-FLT6-I Intelligent Epi-fluorescence Cube Turret Diagram 2,500
Ni-FLT6 Epi-fluorescence Cube Turret Diagram 2,500
Ni-FLEI-2 Epi-fluorescence Attachment Diagram 1,700
Ni-BPU Back Port Unit Diagram 2,500
Ci-FL-2 Epi-Fluorescence Attachment Diagram 2,000
D-FL-2 Epi-Fluorescence Attachment Diagram 3,000
C-FIBA Adapter for Fiber Light Diagram 100
Ti2-F-FLTH-E Motorized HQ Epi Filter Turret Diagram 2,000
Ti2-F-FLT-E Motorized Epi Filter Turret Diagram 1,700
Ti2-F-FLT-I Intelligent Epi Filter Turret Diagram 1,400
Ti2-P-FWB-E Motorized BA Filter Wheel Diagram 1,500
Ti2-LA-FLL EPI-FL Module for Large FOV Diagram 2,000
Ti2-LA-FL-3 EPI-FL Module Diagram 900
Ti2-LA-BF Fixed Main Branch Diagram 1,400
Ti2-F-FSC Circular Field Stop Slider Diagram 200
Ti2-F-FSS Square Field Stop Slider Diagram 200
Ti2-F-FSR Rectangle Field Stop Slider Diagram 200
ModelDimemsionsWeight (g)*
Ni-LH Precentered LamphouseDiagram1,000
Ti-A DIC Analyzer CubeDiagram100
D-DP DIC Rotatable PolarizerDiagram300
Ti2-D-PD Pillar for Dia IlluminationDiagram 1
Diagram 2
Ti2-D-LHLED LED Lamp House for Dia IlluminationDiagram900
Ti2-C-CLWDA CLWDA Condenser AdapterDiagram90
Ti-DF Dark-Field Condenser AdapterDiagram155
TE-C ELWD-S CondenserDiagram450
TC-C-TC Condenser TurretDiagram700
Ti2-C-TC-I Intelligent Condenser TurretDiagram700
Ti2-C-TC-E Motorized Condenser TurretDiagram700
MC-TMD2 ELWD Condenser LensDiagram200
Ti-C-LWD LWD Condenser LensDiagram220
Ti-C-CLWD CLWD Condenser LensDiagram170
Ti-C NAMC Condenser LensDiagram200
Ti2-C-DICP-I Intelligent PolarizerDiagram200
TC-C-DICP DIC PolarizerDiagram200
TC-C-DICPNI NAMC/IMSI PolarizerDiagram100
Ti2-C-DICA AnalyzerDiagram200

Intermediate Module

ModelDimensionsWeight (g)*
Y-IDP Double PortDiagram1,300
Y-IDP Double Port 0/100Diagram1,300
Y-IM Magnification ModuleDiagram1,300

Contact Arm

ModelDimensionsWeight (g)*
NiU-CAM Contact ArmDiagram1,500
NiE-CAM Contact ArmDiagram1,500
Ni-SAM Standard ArmDiagram1,400

* Approximately