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CFI 10XNi, Ci, FN1, LV100N POL, Ci-POL, E200POL, Ti2-E, Ti2-A, Ti2-U22Diagram
CFI 12.5XNi, Ci, FN1, LV100N POL, Ci-POL, Ti2-E, Ti2-A, Ti2-U16Diagram
CFI 15XNi, Ci, FN1, LV100N POL, Ci-POL, Ti2-E, Ti2-A, Ti2-U14Diagram
CFI 10XCMLV100N POL, Ci-POL, E200POL22With crosshair and micrometer scale
CFI UW 10XNi, Ci, FN125Diagram
CFI E 10XE200, E200POL20
CFI E 15XE200, E100, E200POL12
E1-CFI 10XE10018
C-W 10XBTS100/100F, SMZ445/46022Diagram
C-W 15XTS100/100F16Diagram
C-W 20XTSMZ18/445/46012Diagram
C-W 30XTSMZ18/445/4607Diagram