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Condenser Systems for Brightfield, Phase Contrast, Differential Interference Contrast, Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast, Emboss Contrast, Polarized Light and Darkfield ranging from Extra Long Working Distance to high Numerical Oil Immersion accommodating objective magnification ranges from 1X to 100X.

ModelMicroscopesNAObject distance (mm)Recommended magnificationDimensionsWeight (g)*
C-AB Abbe CondenserNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci0.901.904–100XDiagram90
C-AR Achromat CondenserNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci0.804.204–100XDiagram150
C-SWA Swing-out Achromat Condenser 2X-100XNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci0.90/0.221.802–100XDiagram105
C-SW Swing-out Achromat Condenser 1X-100XNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci0.90/0.111.401–100XDiagram500
C-SA Slide Achromat Condenser 2X-100XNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci0.902.202–100XDiagram250
C-AA Achromat /Aplanat CondenserNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci1.401.6010–100XDiagram180
C-DD Dark Field Condenser DryNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci0.80-0.954.0020–40XDiagram175
C-DO Dark Field Condenser OilNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci1.20-1.431.5020–100XDiagram163
C-CEL Expander Lens for C-DO Dark Field Condenser OilNi, Ci1.20-1.4360-100XDiagram100
C-LAR LWD Achromat CondenserNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci0.6510.204–40XDiagram118
C-PH Phase Contrast Turret CondenserNi-U*1 *2, Ci0.901.9010-100XDiagram370
NI-CUD Universal Condenser DryNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U0.882.502–100XDiagram800
NI-CUD-E Motorized Universal Condenser DryNi-E (focusing stage type)0.882.502–100XDiagram1,200
CI-C-E Motorized Swing-out CondenserNi, Ci0.90/0.221.802–100XDiagram250
E2-CPH Phase condenserE2001.251.804-100X200
YS-CA Abbe condenserE1001.252.204-100X50
YS100 PH Phase condenserE1001.251.804-100X200
FN-C LWD condenserNi-E (focusing nosepiece type), FN10.80/0.308.204-100X850
P Swing-out condenserLV100N POL, Ci-POL, E200POL0.90/0.221.802-100X100

*1 A condenser holder is required

*2 Not compatible with rotatable stage