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Acquisition & Analysis Designer

NIS-Elements JOBS module is optimized for advanced research and confocal applications. Providing high speed automated flexible well plate acquisition, the software is ideal for high content live cell screening. 

Available as a plug in module for NIS-Elements AR, NIS-Elements JOBS offers users complete flexibility in designing experiments with customized acquisition and analyses software. Visual programming features remove the need for advanced data programming knowledge. The user simply needs to drag and drop the functions he wants to cascade or overlap to create any type of experiment. The JOBS wizard allows the launch of experiments; the JOBS viewer allows an easy visualization of images and analyses results.

Key Features

High content screening

In conjunction with the LIPSI fully incubated, high content screening platform, JOBS:

  • Supports multiple well plates, slides and Petri dishes
  • Enables creation of custom well pates, slides and dishes
  • Offers 96-well plate imaging in less than a minute


  • Image only objects of interest
  • Well plates intuitively and extremely fast
  • High resolution images of tissue after detection at low magnification
  • Easy multiple modalities’ imaging such as widefield/TIRF, confocal/TIRF, widefield/confocal, confocal/SIM, widefield/SIM


General analysis allows on-the-fly analyses

  • Analyses can be done during the acquisition which avoids users having to do image processing/analysis afterwards and automates the complete workflow


  • All the images are saved within the JOBS database and can be visualized easily with thumbnails before opening it. Results of analysis done during or after the acquisition are also visualized