BioPipeline Plate

High Content Imaging System


BioPipeline Plate
Imaging Modalities
  • Transmitted Light Brightfield and phase contrast
  • Monochromatic Brightfield (R,G,B)
  • Widefield Epifluorescence
  • Point Scanning confocal (option)
  • Field scanning confocal and Optical Pixel Reassignment (options)
  • 8 channel Epifluorescence LED
  • LED transmitted Light
  • Laser illumination for confocal sources (option)
  • All air or water-immersion objectives lenses can be used for high content
  • Oil and Silicone immersion objectives can be used for single specimen observation
Imaging Methods Multidimensional XY, Z, wavelength, time-lapse, multi-stage position, large image tiling
Autofocus Perfect Focus 4 for focus stability; software-controlled autofocus
Loader Capacity 44 plates (128mm x 85mm x 14mm standard) in any format (e.g., 6, 12, 96, 384)

*see detector and microscope pages for detailed specifications on those components