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X-Light V3: the most flexible large FOV spinning disk confocal

For high-end microscopy applications, the X-Light V3 relies on the cutting-edge technology, optical design and engineering solutions developed by CrestOptics.

From fast cell dynamics on live specimens to optical sectioning of clarified tissues, all features are designed to optimize data from each individual sample.

Among them, micro-lens technology makes the X-Light V3 the fastest system when it comes to qualitative and quantitative imaging on large samples due to its homogeneous illumination.

Key Features

Large field homogeneous illumination

An illuminated area with a large field of view (up to 25 mm) can be made highly homogeneous by exercising micro-lens technology. A unique plug-and-play design solution makes it simple to select and change the illumination size to match the most common camera formats. Homogeneous illumination allows for quantitative imaging over large FOVs and high-speed imaging on large samples. In combination with Nikon’s Plan Apochromatic optics, the X-Light V3 provides flat and even illumination which can drastically reduce imaging complications in regards to image stitching, leaving seamless images ready for publication.

Confining the illumination to smaller areas will allow for higher power densities and the realization of even higher-speed imaging (1KHz). Capture the unseen!

Dual camera output

The X-light V3 is the only confocal unit which allows dual camera imaging at 25 mm FOV. Dual camera port comes as standard feature on the system, making it very flexible. Different camera formats can be chosen for the two ports, matching the most demanding applications. External regulations allow to easily align the second camera with the master camera.