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X-Light V3 in combination with DeepSIM X-Light super-resolution system

The DeepSIM X-Light super-resolution module can easily be integrated with the X-Light V3 spinning disk confocal system to provide enhanced imaging of sub-cellular structures and to examine live-cell dynamics, with an XY resolution of 100 nm, without requiring any special sample preparation or dyes.

Key Features

Widefield, confocal and super-resolution in one system

Based on a multi-spot lattice structured illumination, the DeepSIM is reliable and simple to use. It offers an affordable solution for studying cellular structures up to an XY resolution of ~100 nm. Super-resolved optical sectioning, with Z resolution up to ~ 300 nm, can be obtained using both high (60X – 100X) and low magnification (20X – 40X) objectives. This expands the range of achievable applications to include complex 3D models such as tissues, organoids, spheroids, and small organisms.

DeepSIM Super-Resolution

Low magnification acquisition of mouse intestine tissue section

High magnification acquisition of microglia cytoskeleton

Expand Your Palette

No need to sacrifice the breadth of imaging wavelengths, move into the near infrared for more flexibility in fluorophore selection and the added benefit of increased depth penetration.

HeLa Cells with 748-Tubulin, 488-Laminin, 405-Nuclei, 60x 1.4NA

Customizable spinning disk

With Crest Optics’ spinning disk design and optimized optical layout, sensitivity and image clarity are enhanced. As well as standard patterns for the most common imaging applications, custom designs (custom pinhole sizes, single or dual patterns) are available upon request. The spinning disk is housed in a sealed disk box, which comes with a lifetime warranty against dust.

sealed disk box