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Intermediate Modules

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Fluorescence Cube Turret and Fluorescence Module

ModelDimensionsWeight (g)*
NI-FLT6-E Motorized Epi-fluorescence Cube TurretDiagram2,500
NI-FLT6-I Intelligent Epi-fluorescence Cube TurretDiagram2,500
NI-FLT6 Epi-fluorescence Cube TurretDiagram2,500
NI-FLEI Epi-fluorescence AttachmentDiagram1,500
NI-BPU Back Port UnitDiagram2,500
CI-FL Epi-Fluorescence AttachmentDiagram2,000
D-FL Epi-Fluorescence AttachmentDiagram3,300
C-HGFIB HG 100W Adapter RDiagram450
TI2-F-FLTH-E Motorized HQ Epi Filter TurretDiagram
TI2-F-FLT-E Motorized Epi Filter TurretDiagram
TI2-F-FLT-I Intelligent Epi Filter TurretDiagram
TI2-P-FWB-E Motorized BA Filter WheelDiagram1,500
TI2-LA-FLL EPI-FL Module for Large FOVDiagram2,000
TI2-LA-FL EPI-FL ModuleDiagram1,700
TI2-LA-BF Fixed Main BranchDiagram1,400
TI2-F-FLS Simple Epi-FL AttachmentDiagram1,500
TI2-F-FSC Circular Field Stop SliderDiagram200
TI2-F-FSS Square Field Stop SliderDiagram200
TI2-F-FSR Rectangle Field Stop SliderDiagram200
ModelDimemsionsWeight (g)*
NI-LH Precentered LamphouseDiagram1,000
TI-A DIC Analyzer CubeDiagram100
D-DP DIC Rotatable PolarizerDiagram300
TI2-D-PD Pillar for Dia IlluminationDiagram 1
Diagram 2
TI2-D-LHLED LED Lamp House for Dia IlluminationDiagram900
TI2-C-CLWDA CLWDA Condenser AdapterDiagram90
TI-DF Dark-Field Condenser AdapterDiagram155
TE-C ELWD-S CondenserDiagram450
TC-C-TC Condenser TurretDiagram700
TI2-C-TC-I Intelligent Condenser TurretDiagram700
TI2-C-TC-E Motorized Condenser TurretDiagram700
MC-TMD2 ELWD Condener LensDiagram200
TI-C-LWD LWD Condener LensDiagram220
TI-C-CLWD CLWD Condener LensDiagram170
TI-C NAMC Condenser LensDiagram200
TI2-C-DICP-I Intelligent PolarizerDiagram200
TC-C-DICP DIC PolarizerDiagram200
TC-C-DICPNI NAMC/IMSI PolarizerDiagram100
TI2-C-DICA AnalyzerDiagram200

Intermediate Module

ModelDimensionsWeight (g)*
Y-IDP Double PortDiagram1,300
Y-IDP Double Port 0/100Diagram1,300
Y-IM Magnification ModuleDiagram1,300

Contact Arm

ModelDimensionsWeight (g)*
NIU-CAM Contact ArmDiagram1,500
NIE-CAM Contact ArmDiagram1,500
NI-SAM Standard ArmDiagram1,400

* Approximately