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Fluorescent Filter Cubes

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High-performance/high-quality fluorescence filter cubes for research that demands precise signal detection.

Nikon offers a wide range of fluorescence filter cubes with high fluorescence acquisition efficiency to support imaging of a large variety of fluorophoresand fluorescent proteins. The large product range includes longpass filter cubes for observation of single-stained samples and bandpass filter cubes suitable for detecting specific wavelengths from multiple-stained samples and unmixing.  

  • Wavelengths with an extremely sharp rising edge characteristic.
  • High transmittance from 93% to 97% (both excitation and barrier filters).
  • High fluorescence acquisition efficiency, enabling reduced excitation intensity and sample fading.
  • The HQ series filters, made of glass with high dimensional accuracy, eliminate the possibility of image shifts when superimposing multi-color images and ensure accurate imaging even in the case of fluorophores with small Stokes shifts.

Longpass filter cubes

Filter CubeExcitationSpectral profileFilter diameterExcitation filterDichroic mirrorBarrier filter
UV-2AUVgraph25 mm355/50400410
UV-1Agraph25 mm365/10400390
V-2AVgraph25 mm400/40430440
BV-2ABVgraph25 mm420/40455460
B-2ABgraph25 mm470/40505510
G-2AGgraph25 mm535/50575580

Bandpass filter cubes

Standard series

Filter CubeSpectral profileFilter diameterExcitation filterDichroic mirrorBarrier filter
DAPIgraph25 mm375/28415460/60
GFP-Bgraph25 mm470/40500535/50
FITCgraph25 mm480/30505535/45
TRITCgraph25 mm540/25565605/55
Texas Redgraph25 mm560/40595630/60

HQ series

Filter CubeSpectral profileFilter diameterExcitation filterDichroic mirrorBarrier filter
DAPI-U HQgraph25 mm395/25425460/50
CFP HQgraph25 mm436/20455480/40
GFP HQgraph25 mm470/40495525/50
FITC HQgraph25 mm480/40510535/50
YFP HQgraph25 mm500/20515535/30
Cy3 HQgraph25 mm535/40565590/40
mCherry HQgraph25 mm570/40600645/75
Cy5 HQgraph25 mm620/60660700/75

HQ series(for large FOV imaging with Ti2 microscope)

Filter CubeSpectral profileFilter diameterExcitation filterDichroic mirrorBarrier filter
DAPI-U HQgraph32 mm395/25425460/50
CFP HQgraph32 mm436/20455480/40
GFP HQgraph32 mm470/40495525/50
FITC HQgraph32 mm480/40510535/50
YFP HQgraph32 mm500/20515535/30
Cy3 HQgraph32 mm535/40565590/40
mCherry HQgraph32 mm570/40600645/75
Cy5 HQgraph32 mm620/60660700/75