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ModelMicroscopesNAObject distance (mm)Recommended magnificationDimensionsWeight (g)*
C-AB Abbe CondenserNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci0.901.904–100XDiagram90
C-AR Achromat CondenserNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci0.854.204–100XDiagram150
C-SWA Swing-out Achromat Condenser 2X-100XNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci0.90/0.221.802–100XDiagram105
C-SW Swing-out Achromat Condenser 1X-100XNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci0.90/0.111.401–100XDiagram500
C-SA Slide Achromat Condenser 2X-100XNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci0.902.202–100XDiagram250
C-AA Achromat /Aplanat CondenserNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci1.401.6010–100XDiagram180
C-DD Dark Field Condenser DryNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci0.80-0.954.0020–40XDiagram175
C-DO Dark Field Condenser OilNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci1.20-1.431.5020–100XDiagram163
C-CEL Expander Lens for C-DO Dark Field Condenser OilNi, Ci1.20-1.4360-100XDiagram100
C-LAR LWD Achromat CondenserNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U, Ci0.6510.204–40XDiagram118
C-PH Phase Contrast Turret CondenserNi-U*1 *2, Ci0.901.9010-100XDiagram370
NI-CUD Universal Condenser DryNi-E (focusing stage type)*1, Ni-U0.882.502–100XDiagram800
NI-CUD-E Motorized Universal Condenser DryNi-E (focusing stage type)0.882.502–100XDiagram1,200
CI-C-E Motorized Swing-out CondenserNi, Ci0.90/0.221.802–100XDiagram250
E2-CPH Phase condenserE2001.251.804-100X200
YS-CA Abbe condenserE1001.252.204-100X50
YS100 PH Phase condenserE1001.251.804-100X200
FN-C LWD condenserNi-E (focusing nosepiece type), FN10.80/0.308.204-100X850
P Swing-out condenserLV100N POL, Ci-POL, E200POL0.90/0.221.802-100X100

*1 A condenser holder is required

*2 Not compatible with rotatable stage