Nikon Devices & Cameras

Microscopes and Accessories

Cameras and Controllers

  • Digital Sight Cameras: DS-Fi3 (L4), DS-Ri2 (L4), DS-Qi2, DS-Fi2 (U3, L3) DS-Fi1 (U3, L3), DS-Ri1 (U3, L3), DS-Qi1 (U3, L3), DS-Vi1 (U3, L3)
  • Controllers: U3, L4, L3

Other Cameras & Devices


  • Photometrics CoolSnap Dyno, Evolve Series, Prime 95B, Prime 95B 25mm, Prime 95B 22mm, IRIS
  • Hamamatsu ORCA ER Firewire Camera, C9100-12, C9100-13, R2, ORCA-Flash2.8, Orca-Flash4.0, Orca-Flash 4.0LT, ORCA D2, ImagEM, ImagEM-1K, ImageEMX2
  • Andor Neo sCMOS, DU-888, Zyla 5.5 and 4.2 sCMOS (Zyla via USB3) iXon X3, iXon+ (models 897, 888, 885), iKon-M, Clara, Luca S, Luca R, iXon Ultra (897, 888)
  • Imaging Source Cameras DFK/DMK
  • PCO Cameras - pco.edge 4.2, pco.edge 5.5, pco.edge 4.2 LT, pco.edge 3.1, pco.edge gold 4.2, pco.edge gold 5.5, Dual pco.edge sCMOS


  • Stages
    • Prior ProScan II, ProScan III, OptiScan III, ES10ZE, Z-Deck
    • Applied Scientific Instrumentation (ASI) MS-2000
    • Ludl MAC 5000 / MAC 6000 Controller
    • Märzhäuser: Tango, LSTEP
  • Filter Wheels
    • Prior Filter Wheel System
    • Sutter Wheels, Shutters, Controllers: Lambda 10-2, 10-3, 10-B
    • Applied Scientific Instrumentation (ASI) FW-1000
    • Ludl MAC 6000 Controller
  • Wavelength Switching/ Excitation System
    • Nikon LUSU (Laser / Shutter Unit)
  • Shutter Control
    • Uniblitz Shutter Controller VCM-D1
    • Sutter: Smart Shutter Standalone Controller Lambda SC
    • Applied Scientific Instrumentation (ASI) SC-2000
    • Ludl MAC 6000 Controller
  • Z Motors
    • Nikon Motorized Z-Focus Accessory (RFA)
    • Prior Z-motor, ES10ZE, NIKRFK
    • Applied Scientific Instrumentation (ASI) MS-2000
    • Physik Instrumente Piezo E-665 (RS232)
    • All Piezo devices accepting analog voltage input
    • MCL Nanodrive
    • Physik Instrumente E-545, 662, 665 piezo controllers
  • Camera Emission Splitters
    • Optical Insights Dual View, Quad View
  • Illumination
    • Excelitas (Lumen Dynamics) X-Cite120
    • Sutter Lambda XL
  • High Speed I/O
    • National Instruments TTL Input/Output (NI Card)
  • Incubators
    • OKOLab Microscope Incubators
    • Tokai Hit Microscope Incubators

Please check with your local Nikon support representative for system compatibility.
There also may be geographical differences in device support.

Operating Environment

Operating System - Windows 10 Pro 64 bit only

* Recommended operating environment varies depending on NIS-Elements package and optional functions. For more information, please contact Nikon.