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Low-noise, long-life laser unit employing a direct modulation method for emitting a specific wavelength laser.

The LUD-S visible laser unit employs a direct modulation method that emits a laser of a specified wavelength, suppressing interference from neighboring wavelengths. Since it efficiently emits only the required wavelength, it enables acquisition of low-noise, high-S/N confocal images.

  • A laser unit for Nikon confocal microscopes that can acquire low-noise, high-S/N images. It adopts a direct modulation method and can efficiently emit only the required wavelength.
  • No light leakage occurs at the 0% setting.
  • The laser is turned on only when needed, resulting in low heat and long life*.
    *60 times that of a conventional unit (at a reference value for time-lapse imaging under identical conditions)
  • Stable laser output can be obtained because the irradiation surface can be kept clean.
  • Compact design with half the volume of conventional units.
    Dimensions: 400 (W) x 531 (D) mm x 108 (H)
    Weight: Approx. 20 kg
  • Sleek design that can be fully integrated with AX series confocal microscopes.
  • ND can be switched to 3 levels (0-1%, 1-10%, and 10-100%).
  • Installed laser wavelength:
    LUD-S4 (405/488/561/640 nm)
    LUD-S6 (405/445/488/515/561/638 nm)
    * Fiber output: 15mW for all models