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Fluorescence LED Illumination System

Long-lasting, multi-color light source for fluorescence observation.

  • Multi-wavelength
    Equipped with four LEDs (385 nm, 475 nm, 550 nm and 621 nm) to support commonly used fluorophores in fluorescence applications.
  • Control with NIS-Elements software
    Simple intensity control for each wavelength using Nikon’s NIS-Elements imaging software.
  • Vibration-free
    The D-LEDI features a natural cooling system without the use of fans. This new design ensures a vibration-free, stable illumination source for all your fluorescence imaging needs
  • Long-lasting and maintenance-free
    Traditional mercury light sources require frequent lamp replacement. The D-LEDI features long-life LEDs (up to 20,000-hours) that eliminate this need.
  • Alignment-free
    Mercury lamphouses require mechanical, lamp centering adjustments. The LEDs inside the D-LEDI are pre-aligned at the time of manufacture, and do not require any adjustments.

Recommended filter cubes

Filter Cubes Wavelength Compatible LED
C-LED385 EX400/40, DM425, BA478/85 385 nm
C-LED470 EX470/40, DM495, BA525/50 470 nm
C-LED525 EX531/40, DM562, BA593/40 525 nm
C-LED625 EX620/60, DM660, BA700/75 625 nm

For ECLIPSE Ni-E / Ni-U / Ci / FN1 / Ti2 / Ts2R-FL

Configured with ECLIPSE Ni-U

Configured with ECLIPSE Ti2-U