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Nikon Instruments Europe BV und alle Nikon Niederlassungen in Europa beobachten aktuell sehr genau alle Entwicklungen rund um das Corona Virus COVID-19. Selbstverständlich werden alle durch die Regierungsorganisationen erlassenen Richtlinien von uns strikt befolgt.

Erfahren Sie mehr über die von uns getroffenen Maßnahmen.


LED Illumination

Research Fluorescence LED Illumination

The pE-4000 boasts 16 selectable LED sources arranged conveniently in 4 channels, using patented wavelength grouping concept. It offers precise control through imaging software, and when your work demands even faster speeds optional excitation filter holders, multi-channel TTL and analogue inputs are available to further extend the usage scenarios.

Whether you are looking for power, flexibility, controllability or an extremely “Environmentally Green”, high-end fluorescence illuminator the pE-4000 delivers: 16 selectable LEDs ranging in wavelength from 365 to 770nm; TTL and genuine Analogue control via convenient BNC connectivity providing accurate synchronisation with other hardware; Excitation filters holders which facilitate the use of Pinkel filter sets without the need for “slow” filter wheels, registration issues or resultant vibration


The pE-4000 Spectrum