Cell Bio 2022

Dec 3 – 7

Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Washington, DC, USA

Booth 1901

A diverse global community of the brightest minds in cell biology gathered in Washington, DC on December 3-7, 2022 for the Cell Bio 2022 meeting. The event, which was a joint meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) and European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), focused on cell biology as the fundamental basis of biology, and included sessions on emerging interdisciplinary topics.

At their booth, Nikon showcased its latest advances in scientific imaging technologies and had staff on hand to demonstrate system capabilities, answer any questions and address user imaging needs.

Featured Products


Nikon’s latest confocal microscope, leveraging deep learning-based AI tools to simplify acquisition and improve image quality. Fast scanning combined with a large 25 mm field of view enables high throughput imaging with unmatched edge-to-edge image quality. Super-resolution provided by the NSPARC detector.

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The newest multiphoton microscope from Nikon is a top choice for deep imaging. The next generation 2K resonant scanner captures fast in vivo dynamics with high resolution over a large field of view. The AX R MP also supports confocal imaging with visible wavelengths and super-resolution using the NSPARC detector.

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Adapt the CSU-W1 for super resolution imaging.

  • 2x Resolution Improvement vs. Widefield
  • Enhanced Resolution and Confocal Sectioning Simultaneously
  • Normal Confocal Mode and SoRa Mode

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Crest X-Light V3

X-Light V3: the most flexible large FOV spinning disk confocal

  • Uniform illumination
  • Largest FOV (25 mm)
  • Integrated dual camera capability
  • Flexible configuration

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Compact scanner for stimulated emission depletion (STED) imaging in 2 channels for <40nm lateral resolution.

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ECLIPSE Ti2 Series

Inverted research microscope featuring a groundbreaking 25 mm field of view.

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A compact inverted research microscope configurable with a wide variety of observation methods.

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Nikon's inverted routine microscope featuring a compact footprint, newly developed contrast observation method and improved operability, ideal for the tissue culture lab.

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Flexible software platform for controlling Nikon microscopes and 3rd-party components, with powerful custom programming tools for image acquisition and analysis.

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Powerful image analysis and processing module for NIS-Elements that leverages Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda D Series

High-performance objectives with a large FOV of 25 mm at all magnifications, allowing capture of complex biological phenomena. With high NA and long WD, images deep within the sample can be clearly captured. It corrects chromatic aberration over a wide wavelength range and acquires accurate multicolor images.

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