Microscope System for ICSI


Optical System Infinity-corrected CFI60
Field Number 22 with C-mount, 25 with F-mount
Intermediate Magnification Switching Manual switching of 1.0X/1.5X
Output Port 4 Manual positions
Eyepiece 100%, left 100%, right 100%, eyepiece 20%/left 80%
Focusing Unit Manual drive, Coarse/Fine focusing knob, Focusing stroke: 10 mm
Tube TC-T-TS Binocular S tube (Field number 22)
Eyepiece Tube Base TI2-T-BS S Eyepiece Tube Base Unit
Eyepiece CFI 10X Eyepiece (Field number 22)
Pillar for transmitted illumination TI2-D-PDI Pillar I for Dia Illumination
Condenser vertical stroke: 66 mm, Backward tilting up to 25 degrees, with field diagram and refocusing mechanism
LED Lamphouse for Dia Illumination TI2-D-LHLED LED Lamp House for Dia Illumination: High power LED
Condenser Turret TC-C-TC Condenser Turret: 7 manual positions
Condenser Lens TI-C NAMC Condenser Lens (O.D.=44 mm, NA=0.4)
Modules for Condenser Turret TC-C-MN-10X NAMC 10X Module
TC-C-MN-20X NAMC 20X Module
TC-C-MN-40X NAMC 40X Module
Polarizer for NAMC Observation TC-C-DICPNI NAMC/IMSI Polarizer
Stage TC-S-SR Stage
Stroke X: ±57 mm, Stroke Y: ±36.5 mm
TI2-S-HL Long Handle
Nosepiece TI2-N-ND DIC Sextuple Nosepiece: 6 manual positions, Simple waterproof structure
TI2-N-N Sextuple Nosepiece: 6 manual positions, Simple waterproof structure
Spindle Observation System TI2-C-SO Spindle Observation System
Adjustment Tool C-T Centering Telescope
Objectives (NA/W.D.) W.D.=mm CFI Achromat 4X (0.10/30.0)
CFI Achromat NAMC 10XF (0.25/6.20)
CFI Achromat LWD NAMC 20XF (0.40/3.10)
CFI Achromat LWD NAMC 40XC (0.55/2.70-1.70)

CFI Plan Fluor 4X (0.13/17.20)
CFI S Plan Fluor ELWD NAMC 20XC (0.45/8.20-6.90)
CFI S Plan Fluor ELWD NAMC 40XC (0.60/3.60-2.80)
Power Cord and AC Adapter Power Cord Type BU,100-120V
I-AC AC Adapter I
Operating Environment Temperature: 0˚C+40˚C, Humidity: 60% RH max. (at +40˚C, no condensation), Indoor use only