Système de microscope multiphotonique

Objectives for Multiphoton Microscopy

Bright images, high quality

Nikon offers a full lineup of high NA objectives for multiphoton imaging that provide chromatic aberration correction up to the near-infrared range. These objectives are optimized for deep imaging and provide bright images over the entire field of view.

Nano Crystal Coat for superior transmissivity

Nikon’s exclusive Nano Crystal Coat is an antireflective coating consisting of ultrafine crystalline particles. This forms a coarse structure that enables lower refractive indices, facilitating the passage of light through the lens rather than reflecting it, thus providing superior light transmission.

Water immersion objectives

The water immersion range of objectives provides the highest NA, high flexibility, and compatibility with upright, inverted, multiphoton or confocal instruments. The CFI75 models are dedicated to upright microscopes and imaging at greater depths (2~3 mm).

CFI75 Apochromat LWD 20XC W

  • WD (working distance): 2.80 mm
  • NA: 1.00
  • FOV: 22
  • High-end MP lens

CFI75 Apochromat 25XC W 1300

  • WD: 2.00 mm
  • NA: 1.10
  • Chromatic aberration correction in the near-infrared range

CFI Apochromat Lambda S 40XC WI

  • WD: 0.18 mm
  • NA: 1.25, highest among water immersion objectives
  • Optimal for confocal imaging

CFI Apochromat LWD Lambda S 20XC WI

  • WD: 0.95 mm
  • NA: 0.95
  • High image quality and brightness


  • WD: 3.00 mm
  • NA: 0.80
  • High transmittance in the near infrared range

CFI Apochromat NIR 40X W

  • WD: 3.50 mm
  • NA: 0.80
  • Suitable for IR-DIC observation

CFI Apochromat NIR 60X W

  • WD: 2.80 mm
  • NA: 1.00
  • Suitable for IR-DIC observation

Silicone immersion objectives

Silicone oil closely matches the refractive index of live cells, thereby minimizing spherical aberration and providing brighter, higher-resolution images in deep imaging.

CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda S 25XC Sil

  • WD: 0.55 mm
  • NA: 1.05
  • FOV: 22
  • High resolution with high NA

CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda S 40XC Sil

  • WD: 0.30 mm
  • NA: 1.25
  • FOV: 22
  • High resolution with high NA

Glycerol objectives

The glycerol range of objectives is dedicated to extreme depth (5~8 mm) observation of cleared samples. The major benefit of these lenses is their ability to correct for changes in refractive indices and compensate for aberrations that often occur in large sample imaging.

CFI Plan Apochromat 10XC Glyc

  • WD: 5.50 mm (upright)/2.00 mm (inverted)
  • NA: 0.50
  • Wide refractive index correction range (1.33 to 1.51)
  • Supports flexible sample preparation

CFI90 20XC Glyc

  • WD: extremely long, 8.20 mm
  • NA: 1.00
  • Optimized for imaging of thick samples

Multi-immersion objectives

A multi-immersion objective can be used for oil immersion, glycerin immersion, and water immersion.

CFI Plan Fluor 20XC MI

  • WD: 0.51-0.35 mm (oil), 0.51-0.34 mm (glycerin), 0.49-0.33 mm (water)
  • NA: 0.75
  • High UV wavelength transmittance

Dry objectives

This dry objective achieves uniform brightness up to the edge of the image, chromatic aberration correction from 405 nm to 850 nm, and high resolution. It provides wide area acquisition and high throughput.

CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda D 10X

  • WD: 4.00 mm
  • NA: 0.45
  • Supports low-magnification wide-area observation