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LED Illumination

Optimised Transmitted Light LED Illumination

The pT-100 for transmitted light applications is available in 4 variants:

  • Broad white output – pT-100-WHT(formerly known as pE-100wht) -a powerful white LED illumination system designed to replace a 100W halogen lamp. Unlike a Halogen lamp, the colour balance of the pT-100-WHT Illumination System does not vary with intensity, removing the need to make any adjustment.
  • Narrow bandwidth at 525nm – pT-100-525- Narrow bandwidth at 525nm is optimised for the spectral response of most scientific cameras and reduces background noise from a phosphored LED.
  • Narrow bandwidth at 635nm – pT-100-635- Narrow bandwidth at 635nm provides deeper penetration, excellent for revealing detail in thicker samples.
  • Narrow bandwidth at 770nm – pT-100-770- Narrow bandwidth at 770nm provides deeper sample penetration techniques that require the use of infrared light.

These variants can provide solutions for a range of transmitted imaging techniques including brightfield, darkfield, DIC, Dodt gradient contrast andphase contrast.

Key Features

Narrower Bandwidths