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Stable and cost-effective solid-state white light excitation source.

SOLA light engines contain an array of four visible light sources, operating simultaneously with either violet or ultraviolet sources (depending on the model), are efficiently combined to generate brilliant white light output.

SOLA SM II light engines are easy to operate. Warm-up is essentially instantaneous, with stabilized output achieved within 1 second at the flip of a switch or the tap of a foot pedal. So the light output can be turned on only when you need it for data acquisition.

SOLA SE II light engines provide all the features and benefits of SOLA SM II models with added capabilities for electronic control of both light output on/off status and intensity.  The capability for electronic attenuation of the light output is particularly valuable for applications involving photosensitive live specimens.

SOLA light engines contain no parts requiring replacement or alignment, need no routine maintenance and have a working lifetime that far exceeds that of any lamp. All SOLA light engines are mercury-free and RoHS compliant.