High content live cell imaging

LIPSI Specifications

Main system
MicroscopeMotorized inverted microscope ECLIPSE Ti2
Compatible Well Plate Types6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-well plates, glass bottom plates & plastic bottom plates, slides and petri dishes
Multiple FOV ExperimentsCenter, Covering, Random, Random +Center and Regular pattern in each well
Illumination MethodsBrightfield, Phase contrast, Fluorescence
Image Acquisition

Standard acquisition (Multichannel, Time lapse, multiple-positions, Z-stacks, large images, Multidimensional imaging)

Intelligent acquisition

Imaging modalities

Widefield (Up to two cameras simultaneously), Fast resonant confocal Nikon A1R HD, Yokogawa spinning-disk W1, Crest X-Light V2 spinning-disk

TIRF & STORM (as stand-alone system while not using the robotic)

Photoactivation and FRAP capabilities

ObjectivesUp to 6
Acquisition Speed

96 well plate <1min30s (4 colors, one point per well, 18.8mm field of view camera)

Data Visualization

Plate view, Sample labeling, Heat map, Graphing

Field of Viewup to 25mm

Up to 20 well plates

Ambient Temperature+5°C to 50°C

Ambient - 99% RH


1200mm x 710mm x 730mm