American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)

Apr 5 – 10

San Diego Convention Center

San Diego, California, USA

Booth 1601

The AACR Annual Meeting serves as the hub for the cancer research community, bringing together scientists, clinicians, healthcare professionals, survivors, patients, and advocates to exchange cutting-edge discoveries in cancer science and medicine. This event showcases the groundbreaking work of top researchers worldwide, covering a broad spectrum from population science and prevention to cancer biology, translational and clinical studies, as well as survivorship and advocacy.

Nikon will be exhibiting the following systems at the 2024 meeting:

Featured Products


The new Digital Imaging Microscope, ECLIPSE Ui provides accurate microscopy-based pathology imaging for a simpler workflow.

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The new ECLIPSE Ji Digital Inverted Microscope provides research microscope power in a benchtop assay instrument.

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PreciPoint Series

The all-in-one microscope and scanners from PreciPoint offer a unique combination of digital microscopy and scanning functionalities to improve the microscopy workflows of histology labs.

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CFI75 Water Dipping Series

With exceptionally high numerical apertures and ultra-long working distances, these lenses are designed for multiphoton imaging and electrophysiology applications.

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Silicone Immersion Series

Objective lenses, perfect for imaging 3D cell cultures and thick tissue samples, provide superior depth and resolution performance for biological imaging by more closely matching the refractive index of cells and tissues.

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Objectives for imaging cleared specimens

Compatible with various optical clearing agents which have a wide range of refractive indices. Designed for ultra-deep, large-scale imaging.

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